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CM CLUB X The Wall Art Gallery Event for Ruff Rescue Charity 242 - A Night of Art, Music, and Fashion

Updated: May 8

By Alexandra Stef

On April 19th, Miami sparkled with a convergence of art, philanthropy, fashion, and music as CM Club orchestrated a remarkable charity event at The Wall Art Gallery.

This gathering, dedicated to supporting Ruff Rescue Charity 242, brought together patrons and enthusiasts from various walks of life for a captivating special night.

The Wall Art Gallery, renowned for its splendor and artistic ambiance, served as the perfect venue for the event.

Charity Event by CM Club
Symphony of Art: Veronica and Massimiliano Perform beside Daniel Anderson's Masterpieces, Photo by Santiago Riback

Showcasing the captivating works of renowned artist Daniel Anderson, the gallery's halls reverberated with creativity and passion, rewarding all who attended.

Contemporary abstract sculptor and painter Daniel Anderson, hailing from Pompton Plains, New Jersey. His vision is inspired by highly mechanical and mathematical methods, and allow his works to transcend traditional forms, exhibited in his signature ‘sculpted canvas’ DIFFUSION SERIES, in which he portrays the buildup and breakdown of matter by rendering depth with light and shadow. 

Guiding the evening with elegance and warmth were world-famous celebrity host and actor Rick Sykes, along with the enchanting opera performances by Veronica Iovan and Massimiliano Sims. Adding to the ambiance was the mesmerizing music of DJ Layla, further elevating the experience. Guests were treated to a sensory feast as Lea Rose graced the stage with her soulful singing performance.

Meanwhile, Meriam unveiled her exquisite Caftan Couture fashion line, offering guests a glimpse into "One of a Kind" limited edition fashion crafted from lovingly detailed natural dye printed silk and chiffon fabrics. Meriam, celebrated for her exquisite caftans, captivates the attention of many celebrities.

However, the heart of the event beat for a cause close to many: Ruff Rescue Charity 242. Dedicated to rescuing and rehoming Potcake dogs from the streets of the Bahamas, this charity relies on the generosity of supporters like CM Club and its members to make a difference.

The event was captured in stunning detail by photograph Santiago Riback and video by Truelifefilms,, immortalizing the moments of compassion and generosity that filled the evening.

CM Club's collaboration with The Wall Art Gallery was a resounding success, building upon their previous event on September 13, 2023. CM Club extends heartfelt thanks to the founders of Ruff Rescue Charity 242, Diane Charbonnneau and Del Rojas, for their unwavering dedication to the cause and for gracing the event with their presence.

In summary, CM Club 's charity event at The Wall Art Gallery was a testament to the power of art, music, fashion and philanthropy coming together to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Founders Together: CM Club's Alexandra Stef and Ruff Rescue Charity 242's Diane Charbonneau
Founders Together: CM Club's Alexandra Stef and Ruff Rescue Charity 242's Diane Charbonneau
CM Club event
The founder of CM Club, Alexander Stef, delivering a speech.

A grandiose thank you is owed to The Wall Art Gallery for graciously providing the exquisite space for our event.

Certainly, here's a refined version:

The Wall Art Gallery, a 4000-square-foot space nestled in the heart of Wynwood, is meticulously designed for site-specific installations, art exhibitions, artist commissions, and beyond. With an approach that engages the global art community, the gallery serves as a vibrant hub, spotlighting international artists, creative leaders, and emerging talents. Through a multi-faceted approach, it offers a fresh perspective on the latest practices and artworks from global contemporary art studios.

CM Club X The Wall Art Gallery Event for Ruff Rescue Charity 242, Photo by Santiago Riback
Del Rojas delivering a speech alongside Diane Charbonneau, founders of RRC 242.


Host: Rick Sykes

Sound Engineer: Randy Singer

DJ: Layla

Opera Singers: Veronica Ivoan, Massimiliano Sims

Pop Singer: Lea Rose

Fashion Designer: Meriam (Opulence by Meriam)

Fashion Show Organizer: Veronica Ivoan

Makeup Artist: Nadya @artofmakeup777

Fashion Models: Veronica Iovan, Lana Blum, Oksana Tkachenko, Veronika Kru Art and others.

Sponsor: Miguel Mackenzie

Ambassador: Bey Lombana



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