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Beauty Hour at Seta Apparel: The Brilliant Mind Behind the Brand

Updated: Jun 27

By Alexandra Stef

Miami's enchanting Brickell City Centre set the stage for a night of opulence and artistry as I attended the Dior Beauty Hour event at Seta Apparel, meticulously curated by Vanessa Guzman. Notably, Vanessa is not only the visionary Founder & Creative Director of Circle of Lines but also a distinguished maestro in makeup and skincare for Dior Beauty.

The evening seamlessly combined beauty, art, fashion, and elegance, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

A highlight of the night was artist Luis Toro, whose live art presentation added a new dimension of beauty and creativity to the enchanting atmosphere.

The musical ambiance was expertly curated by DJ Ella Romand, enhancing the overall experience.

Dior's generous gesture added to the evening's allure, presenting attendees with exquisite gifts, including the luxurious Dior Prestige La Crème, renowned for its age-reversing properties.

Andrea Salazar, the brilliant mind behind Seta, has a remarkable journey. Hailing from Colombia, she moved to England at 17 to explore her passion for fashion and refine her English skills. After obtaining a Master's in International Business in Brazil, she returned to Colombia at 22 and, with her sister Eliana, founded SETA.

Now, at 25, Andrea continues to grow her business in Miami, complemented by fashion courses in Pattern Making and Fashion Design at Instituto Marangoni Miami, as well as Fashion Business in Milan, Italy.

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