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CM CLUB Magazine: Marilyn Dans, Visionary Founder of the Pink Luminous Advocacy Project

Marilyn Dans is a resilient and passionate advocate for breast cancer awareness and early detection. As the founder of the Pink Luminous Advocacy Project, she leads a non-profit organization dedicated to championing accessibility and awareness in breast health. Marilyn's journey, inspired by her own experiences navigating the healthcare system, has driven her to develop innovative solutions such as the Pink Luminous Breast device and a bilingual breast awareness app. Through her unwavering determination, Marilyn strives to empower women worldwide to take control of their health, envisioning a future where early detection saves lives.

We are delighted that she graciously agreed to share her insights with us in an interview for our CM CLUB magazine.

CMCM: What prompted you to initiate your career, and how did early experiences shape your path as an entrepreneur?

MD: From a young age, I demonstrated a natural inclination towards entrepreneurship. Childhood ventures like selling homemade lemonade and chocolate bars sparked a curiosity about creating and selling goods. Witnessing my immigrant parents navigate a new world with unwavering determination further solidified my belief in the power of hard work and resourcefulness. These early experiences instilled in me a strong sense of independence and a desire to build something impactful, ultimately shaping my decision to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

CMCM: What inspired the development of the design and functionality for Pink Luminous Breast?

MD: The design and functionality of the Pink Luminous Breast is a culmination of years of collaboration with my business partner, Dr. Lin Yang. Together, we've poured seven years into clinical trials, intellectual property development, and regulatory navigation, all with the goal of global commercialization. This device illuminates breast tissue, revealing vascularity and potential abnormalities through sight. This empowers individuals to perform self-examinations and detect concerning changes early, potentially saving lives. At 17, I faced my own breast cancer scare, undergoing a lumpectomy. That experience instilled a deep desire to promote early detection and awareness. The Pink Luminous Breast device is my contribution to this fight.

CMCM: For aspiring entrepreneurs in the technology sector, what advice would you offer on starting their own business?

MD: In the tech sector, success hinges on collaboration. Assemble a powerhouse team with expertise in key areas: finance (CFO), intellectual property (IP attorney), market reach (commercialization specialist), regulatory compliance, and branding (creative team). These experts will guide you through financial planning, legal hurdles, market penetration, and building a recognizable brand. Don't underestimate the importance of smart financial planning. Bootstrap, seek investors, or explore other options, but ensure your venture has the capital to navigate the initial phases. Seek investors who share your vision and passion, not just their wallets. A shared mission fosters a stronger foundation. The entrepreneurial path is rarely smooth. Expect challenges and setbacks. Cultivate unyielding resilience – the ability to bounce back, learn from mistakes, and persevere with unwavering determination. Remember, passion and dedication are your fuel, driving you forward even when the road gets tough.

CMCM: Where is the production of your Breast Device located, and how has the manufacturing process contributed to its success?

MD: The Pink Luminous Breast device is proudly manufactured right here in the United States. We believe in supporting American craftsmanship and ensuring the highest quality standards throughout every stage of production. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the device itself. We meticulously oversee every aspect of the manufacturing process, from carefully choosing top-tier materials to rigorous quality control measures. This ensures that every Pink Luminous Breast device delivered to your hands is reliable, durable, and built to last. We believe in selling more than just a product; we are offering a solution. By prioritizing quality, we empower you to use the Pink Luminous Breast device with confidence, knowing it's a dependable tool for early detection. This commitment translates into a product that doesn't just function, but empowers, and that's a core value at Pink Luminous Breast.

CMCM: In the initial phases of your venture, did you find it more beneficial to invest your own resources or seek external investors? How did this decision impact the development of your device?

MD: Initially, I invested my own resources – water funds and commercial properties – and dedicated 100% of my time to Silk Pro USA and the Pink Luminous Breast device. This personal commitment attracted early investors who shared our vision. We later brought on a CFO and conducted a limited family and friends funding round. After COVID, we capitalized on the time by conducting successful clinical trials and publishing our findings. This, coupled with securing the first US patent, led to a pre-market valuation of $40 million by Deloitte. This triggered a second family and friends’ round, demonstrating the power of founder dedication in attracting further investment.

CMCM: Given the success of your Breast Device, do you see potential for similar technology to be applied in diagnosing other types of cancer? Have you considered participating in the development of such technologies?

MD: Currently, our focus is securing regulatory approvals for the Pink Luminous Breast


Marylin Dans

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