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CM Club Magazine: Malachi Cooper's Dream Line - Redefining Luxury with 3D Shoes and Bags

Updated: Jun 27

At the very core of innovation and boundless creativity resides the remarkable tale of Malachi Cooper, a visionary designer and the founder of Dream Line Yacht and Product Design. His journey surpasses the ordinary, seamlessly integrating poetry into everyday life.

The world-renowned industrial artist Malachi Cooper designed the world’s fastest luxury boat as well as “The Most Innovative Yacht in the World” at the Monte Carlo boat show.

Malachi has designed many other award winning yachts that grace the front pages of industry magazines the world over, but his imagination and talent aren’t restricted to the sea.

He has also developed design renderings for the Gulfstream G550, Audi R8, and Ferrari Enzo and collaborated with ENT physicians to design improvements to the functionality and ergonomics of various medical devices.

Happily announcing a new era of fashion innovation, CM Club is delighted to introduce Copper's Fashion 3D Technology Custom Shoes and Bags to CM Club members, an exclusive collection designed to redefine luxury and style.

With Copper's Fashion 3D Technology, members have the opportunity to craft shoes and bags that perfectly encapsulate their unique tastes and preferences. From selecting materials to customizing every detail, the possibilities are endless.

The heels can match the shoes' color, ensuring the entire ensemble reflects a unique style and personality.

As a cherished member of CM Club, style deserves special attention. That's why Copper's innovative 3D technology offers bespoke extra features for CM Club members designed to elevate the experience.

This tale, not merely a string of facts, but a symphony of inspiration, traces the footsteps of a master craftsman whose ingenuity knows no bounds.

Malachi Cooper blends imagination with technical expertise, delivering world-class products for global corporations. Malachi's designs not only increase revenues but also surpass expectations.

His excellent project management skills ensure the successful coordination of multi-million dollar projects from conception to delivery.

His designs, like chapters in a captivating novel, have garnered global

acclaim, gracing the pages of prestigious publications and earning accolades that echo across continents. From the opulent decks of a $250 million luxury yacht to 3D fashion lines. Imagine the wonders yet to be unveiled by Dream Line Yacht and Product Design.


Dream Line is a pioneering luxury yacht and product design company that can directly manage all projects and vendors while utilizing the industries expertise and creativity to craft state-of-the-art designs for production, prototype, and advertisement purposes.

The goal of Dream Line is to build solid, long-lasting client relationships, travel globally to consult with and understand the client’s vision, and provide expert advice on design, style, and product improvements. The company will source manufacturers world-wide and collaborate throughout the production process to ensure accuracy and quality.

Who can predict the next breathtaking masterpiece that will emerge from his factory?

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