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CM Club at CC Forum Paris: Supporting Sustainability in Fashion

Updated: Jun 27

As we reflect on the event that marked the beginning of the month, Paris came alive with a convergence of innovation, sustainability, and influence as the CC Forum on Investment and Sustainable Development took center stage. This Parisian summit brought together a diverse group of 500 changemakers. Held at the opulent InterContinental near the Opera Garnier, the event featured intensive discussions on critical global issues. The forum tackled a comprehensive range of challenges, from climate solutions and renewable energy to healthcare access and social justice.

Notably, the environmentally conscious CM Club participated in the event, highlighting their commitment to positive change.

The forum emphasized sustainable practices across diverse sectors, including the fashion industry. CM Club, also known as Choice Members Club, participated in the event, supporting sustainability in fashion. Their focus on this issue includes several key initiatives.

CM Club is collaborating with organizations to plant trees with every purchase made at CM Club Shop. By planting trees, CM Club addresses crucial issues like deforestation, improving air quality, and preserving biodiversity, making a positive impact on the planet through fashion.

CM Club participates in and plans to organize events that emphasize the value of pre-owned luxury items, promoting sustainable fashion choices while extending the lifespan of fashion pieces and reducing waste. Moreover, CM Club provides a platform for community members to connect and collaborate.

During the forum, there was a panel discussion on how to make the fashion and textile industries more sustainable, brimming with inspiration and insightful dialogue, featuring leading figures like Francesca Giobbi, Camila Pinzon, Katia Filippenko, and Andrea Funari. They spearheaded discussions on weaving sustainability into the very fabric of fashion and textiles. Under the expert guidance of Heidi Hauer, founder of Heidi Hauer Coaching & Consulting, the panel explored innovative solutions and collaborative efforts – the building blocks for a future where fashion thrives in harmony with the environment.

Emphasis was placed on mindful consumption, such as investing in high-quality, long-lasting pieces and opting for timeless, versatile designs over fast fashion. Supporting brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical labor practices was strongly encouraged.

Participants were urged to shop secondhand and vintage, participate in clothing swaps, and upcycle old clothes to extend their lifecycle. Proper garment care and repair were advocated to avoid unnecessary waste. Additionally, raising awareness through social media, advocating for sustainable practices, collaborating with committed brands, and supporting educational initiatives focused on sustainable design were highlighted as critical actions. These steps resonate deeply with Choice Members Club's mission to drive positive change in the fashion industry.

In today's dynamic fashion landscape, characterized by rapid trends and environmental concerns, there is ample opportunity for meaningful change. Women, with their thoughtful voices and conscious choices, are well-positioned to guide this transformation. The recent forum served as a rallying cry, showcasing the pivotal role women play in driving sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

The CC Forum in Paris buzzed with the energy of collaboration and a shared commitment to a greener future for fashion. Women and the fashion industry hold the key to unlocking positive environmental change. By embracing sustainable practices and advocating for industry-wide reform, individuals and organizations can weave a powerful tapestry of positive impact.

A highlight of the event was the Sustainability Startup City, where over 100 carefully chosen startups were provided with the opportunity to showcase their projects to international investors: Big Akwa shared their transformative approach to land-based aquaculture, creating industrial symbiosis to optimize both environmental and economic outcomes in food-tech innovation.

Life Forestry highlighted their efforts in integrating environmental necessity with economic viability through planned reforestation and biodiversity-rich teak forests; Recyclium demonstrated their pioneering blockchain-based solutions to enhance the circular economy by tracking and managing recyclable materials and Terramer presented their innovative work with hemp-based bioplastics and compostable solutions to tackle plastic pollution. This initiative underscored the forum's commitment to fostering innovation and supporting emerging technologies that promote sustainable development.

The conference offered a rich networking program featuring targeted events like an investor roundtable for venture capitalists and a "Women Funding the World" forum. Delegates also enjoyed a social brunch on a scenic boat cruise and capped off the event with a formal gala dinner and awards ceremony.

Max Studennikoff, the founder of the CC Forum, expressed his amazement at the high quality of attendees at the event. He noted, "I was totally amazed at the quality of people you brought together - UHNWs, royalty, impact investors, and thought leaders. An amazing event!"

Studennikoff also appreciated the unique contributions of Jean-Claude Van Damme, who participated in the gala via Zoom, adding a touch of star power to the proceedings. Reflecting on the success of the forum, he added, "Your Parisian gala was an absolute masterpiece. So skillfully orchestrated... I am speechless."

The event garnered excellent feedback, with Studennikoff sharing, "I have deeply enjoyed joining the forum. Thank you very much. I received excellent feedback during my sessions."

He also highlighted the engaging nature of the discussions, particularly praising a TV show-style debate about carbon credits for its dynamism compared to traditional panel discussions.

CM Club extends its deepest gratitude to Max Studennikoff and the CC Forum team. Their unwavering dedication to sustainability and fostering a platform for impactful discussions and action paves the way for a more sustainable fashion future.

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